AIG Global Benefits Network

About Us

About Us

What is AIG Global Benefits Network ?

AIG Global Benefits Network  is a network of top-rated life insurance companies working together to provide multinational employers and their employees with the best possible employee benefit solutions worldwide.

What are Employee Benefits ?

"All remuneration, other than salary, from employer to employee"

Through its network insurers, AIG Global Benefits Network offers a comprehensive array of risk and pension products. Local network insurers' products include but are not limited to the following :

  • Pension Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Income
  • Medical Insurance

Why do you need a corporate Employee Benefits strategy ?

There are many factors in today's world that create a need for an Employee Benefits strategy.
The greying of the population means that governments worldwide cannot continue to fund their social security systems and are forced to reform the old systems.

There is a continuing shift from public to private responsibility for the individual's financial security. More and more the employees expect their employers to provide access to high quality financial solutions.