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Employee Benefits Captives

Companies for some time now have reduced the costs of their Property & Casualty (P&C) risks by utilizing a captive. Today, this alternative risk transfer technique is also available and utilized for funding employee benefits. With the ongoing and constant rise in cost for employee benefits including healthcare, life insurance, disability and retiree medical benefits; captives are emerging as an attractive option to controlling those costs

Captive solutions are offered on a tailor-made base to fulfill the requirements of any individual multinational corporation. Please contact us for further details. 

Companies may face challenges that
traditional markets may not address:

• Local insurance capacity may be limited
• Significant risk retention may be required
• For certain exposures coverage may not be
available in the local market
• Market conditions may be volatile
• Local policy issuance may be required

We can help with customised captive
fronting programmes:

• We partner with the client to understand its
objectives and analyse its risks
• We offer a wide range of programmes with
varying levels of risk retention and risk financing
• Our programmes extend to all types of exposures
and industries